How many days is the package SAFELY THROUGH CROATIA valid?

The package SAFELY THROUGH CROATIA is valid for 30 days which starts at entered time and date of the registered activation period and expires at the same date and time of the 30th day.

The package starts to value the earliest 24 hours from the activation.

Can the services be used outside of Croatia?

NO, the package is valid only for damages and traffic accidents that happened in Republic of Croatia.

How much time do I have for package activation?

The package can be activated in the period of 365 days from the day of purchase.

When can I use the services from the service package?

The services can be used only within activated period of 30 days.

How can I require services from package?

All services from packages must be required by calling the contact center on the number +385 1 4693 720 within the activated period of 30 days.

What if I will buy the package and I am already in Croatia?

Buy the package through our web page and activate it IMMEDIATELY and you would be able to use all services from the package 24 hours after activation confirmation.

Can I change data entered by activation?

After you have confirmed the activation, the data cannot be changed any more.

During the activation process, you have the possibility to enter all activation data and to save them. Only after you are completely certain that all data have been entered, including chosen activation period in agreement with your plans for travel, confirm the activation.

The option “save data” enables you to enter various changes without entering every time all data from the beginning.

For whom is the package intended?

The package SAFELY THROUGH CROATIA is intended to the visitors of the Republic of Croatia which come in the Republic of Croatia with the vehicle having FOREIGN REGISTRATIONS PLATES. All services are connected to the VEHICLE.

What to do in case of traffic accident?

If the material damage is of smaller kind and if the responsibility for damage is not questionable, you can fill in the European accident report with the other accident participant and in that way exchange the data. Take care that all positions of European accident report are filled in correctly and that it is signed by both drivers.

In case the material damage is higher or if the accident participants disagree about responsibility for traffic accident, call the police necessarily. In both cases secure as many evidences as possible regarding damage appearance and height of damage in a way that you photograph the place of the accident, vehicle and damage. Often photographs from the scene can solve some disputable situations.

What does the overview of assistance rights serve for?

The overview of fees is announced on our webpage out of two reasons:

  1. According to mentioned prices we account possible differences which in some rare situations can appear as a consequence of exceeding the limited amount for certain service.
  2. In case you already used the necessary service within the package SAFELY THROUGH CROATIA and the new situation appears and you need this service again, this service will be accounted to you according to the price given in the overview of fees.

What is the list of covered breakdowns?

The list of covered damages clearly defines damages which will be repaired within the service roadside assistance and within the package SAFELY THROUGH CROATIA.




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