HAK-USLUGE Ltd. and ODINA Assistance Ltd. developed together the project named “SAFELY THROUGH CROATIA”. The project refers to connect the services – roadside assistance, mobility warranty and claims handling assistance by traffic accidents into one unique service package intended for tourists, i.e. vehicle owners/users with foreign registration plate numbers on their vehicle and are visiting Croatia. The service package "SAFELY THROUGH CROATIA" contains services which are jointly provided by the partners in project; each one in his field of business.

"SAFELY THROUGH CROATIA" is new and unique product accompanying Croatian tourism. The purpose of the product is to offer foreign tourists/visitors in Croatia qualitative and complete services of roadside assistance, mobility warranty and claims handling assistance by traffic accidents, in case they experience inconveniences connected to vehicle breakdown or traffic accident, during their stay in Croatia. The intention is providing help to foreign tourists/ visitors as simple and quick as possible so that their stay in Croatia could remain in nice memory, in spite of the inconvenience.


HAK-USLUGE Ltd. is a company owned by CROATIAN AUTOCLUB (HAK). The company was founded in 1997 with the aim to expand services and products which are offered by HAK as benefits to its members and to offer these services to companies and non-members.

HAK-USLUGE Ltd. offers the organization of different kinds of services in roadside assistance and mobility warranty, not only in Croatia, but also abroad.

CROATIAN AUTOCLUB (HAK) is an association of drivers founded in 1906, whose main activity is comprehensive care about its members and drivers which circulate on the roads of Croatia. First of all, in the field of roadside assistance and mobility warranty and informing about traffic conditions on the roads through modern contact center as well as his experienced, educated and qualified employees available 24 hours a day, all days in a year.

HAK recognized the potential and the quality of the project "SAFELY THROUGH CROATIA" and supports it.

Try the smartphone application of HAK with interesting content which will provide you additional information's which are necessary for you to travel on Croatian roads as comfortable as possible.

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ODINA Assistance Ltd.

ODINA Assistance Ltd. is a company engaged in international damage processing, advising and translations. The basic business activity is providing help in processes of claims handling assistance appeared as a consequence of traffic accidents in Croatia and abroad.

The concept of the company is to incorporate in its work all segments concerning processing, first of all international but also domestic claims, in car accidents. The company offers complete services in the process of claims handling assistance to company's and individual persons in and out of Croatia. The services, which they offer, among others, are:

  • Consulting of clients regarding claims handling
  • Providing of claims handling assistance from its appearance until the moment of payment
  • Cooperation with various outsourcing cooperators, estimators, doctors, court interpreters, traffic experts, lawyers and others for the purpose of claims handling
  • Translations of documentation necessary for foreign insurance companies and assistances for the purpose of claims handling assistance
  • Organization of overview and photographing of damaged vehicles, preparation of damages list and calculation of repair costs
  • Translations on order (certified by court interpreter or not)


Roadside and claims handling assistance

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In the project "SAFELY THROUGH CROATIA" we joined our skills, our knowledge, our experience and our logistics so that we could make your journey through Croatia as carelessly as possible.